Award Winners for "Worst Club on Campus"

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All of us here at Green Knight TV are more than your ordinary student organization! We are a group of innovative thinkers, creators, and designers. As a student-led organization, members are enabled to contribute toward making GKTV their own. There are plenty of roles available for students across all areas of study including social media, graphic design, broadcast, video production, and marketing.  

In a job market with a growing demand for social media and content creation skills, members are all exposed to this process. Some of the skills members learn in GKTV is learning how to work the Adobe suite programs, which includes software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects. Students also get the opportunity to work on real production projects for organizations around campus, such as SNC Admissions, the Mulva Library, and The Norman Miller Center.

Wherever your interests lie- whether its Sports, Music, Art, etc., there’s something here for everyone. All are welcome to join this fun-loving team of students who love producing original content for the SNC audience! Please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you are interested. All of our contact information is on our Contact Page!